How to avoid getting rid of customers before you even speak to them

I recently made a number of telephone calls to businesses in the Chester area to get a quote for conveyancing services. Out of 10 solicitors firms I called, none put me through to a solicitor and all relied on their receptionists to give me a price.   Responses included:   “the solicitor has gone to […]


Key Changes to SEO Search Engine Optimisation in February 2012

Recent changes to the Google algorithm mean that there have been alterations in the way SEO is undertaken  SEO experts are in agreement that suddenly back links have become the most important factor in determining page ranking, despite Google’s best assurances that this is not the case. Furthermore, Google Plus has suddenly jumped to the […]

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How to make sure your Robots.txt file is working

Somewhere on your website there is a file called Robots.txt. If not, your website designer may well have decided not to include it. It is important to check this file occasionally as we have recently discovered to our cost. The robots file acts as a filter for search engine crawlers – these are computer programmes […]

How to improve your Google ranking

Improve your search engine rank in the search results for Google. Chances are, if you have entered “how to improve my Google ranking” into Google and found this article, this is exactly what you are looking to do! You could save yourself the time and effort & simply send us your requirements, and let the […]

How to Write Content for a Website

Content must be linked to your website and it is no use putting content on that is not relevant. Our advice for content is simply to think about your website from the perspective of a user as well as a search engine spider. A user of a website does not necessarily mind what sort of […]

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