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Key Changes to SEO Search Engine Optimisation in February 2012

Recent changes to the Google algorithm mean that there have been alterations in the way SEO is undertaken  SEO experts are in agreement that suddenly back links have become the most important factor in determining page ranking, despite Google’s best assurances that this is not the case. Furthermore, Google Plus has suddenly jumped to the fore in search engine rankings. 

Google has decided to take on Facebook and heavily promote Google Plus entries at the expense of conventional websites and anything found on other social networking sites. This means that if you are doing SEO for a company with the words “legal recruitment”, any references to “legal recruitment” in Google Plus will stand you in good stead for getting up the charts. 

It is a little like the influence of Google Maps, which was prominent in search engine rankings back in 2005/6.  Indeed it was possible then to achieve good SEO results simply by having an SEO consultant list a website on Google Maps or relevant key words.

Getting back links is always a bit of an art, because there are so many suspicious companies out there, particularly those based in India and South Africa, who simply bombard word press blogs with meaningless drivel plus your key words and a web link.

Whilst they can get lots of links for a business and appear to be SEO experts, in reality the mass attack on blogs tends to be ignored by most blogs and those that accept it will almost inevitably be penalised by Google for permitting spam attacks to their blog. 

There is no way round a good quality SEO campaign run by a good reputable SEO business.  Web marketing is not just one thing but many different components, all aimed at getting you and your business noticed.

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