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How to Write Content for a Website

Content must be linked to your website and it is no use putting content on that is not relevant.

Our advice for content is simply to think about your website from the perspective of a user as well as a search engine spider. A user of a website does not necessarily mind what sort of standard of design a website is in order to use it. They are more interested in the quality of content or the level of interactivity and relevant to the website. To see evidence of this, visit – very basic web design but very good rankings…

Quite a lot of websites over the years have used things like flash and graphics and lots of pictures to highlight their services, but often these have protracted away from the spiders of the various search engines and the website hasn’t been very well advertised on the internet.

In recent times quite a lot of flash has been removed from websites as companies have realised the importance of simply having information on the site that is going to be useful to someone visiting the website or looking on the internet for an answer to a question.

For example, if you are a solicitor’s firm specialising in crime you need to think why somebody would be looking on the internet for information about crime. Users of the internet are maybe students studying criminal law, suppliers of services looking for potential customers, people in trouble with police looking for advice and people researching related information to crime such as careers in the police force or the prison service.

Obviously as a solicitors firm you are not going to be very interested in quite a lot of those potential visitors, but from a search engine optimization point of view the more the merrier and if you can attract somebody looking for careers in the police force to your website, there is some highly valuable and relevant information that they may want to look at, you will increase your search engine standings although not necessarily increasing your sales from that particular visitor.

It is such instances like this that can make the difference between your site being noticed by search engines and being completely ignored. Getting your site noticed is the main issue for most firms, and the amount of business you can pick up off the internet is phenomenal and at very little cost. is a specialist SEO company helping businesses get noticed on the internet through digital marketing and on-line presence promotion.

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